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Dr Emily Gavett

Dr Gavett-Liu is an expert child and adult psychiatrist. She has performed hundreds of medico-legal evaluations over the past 8 years, having completed a forensic psychiatry fellowship and board certification in the US prior to moving to Canada in 2018. She was the supervising medical consultant for the Office of Juvenile Pretrial, part of the state’s Behavioral Health Administration in Maryland, overseeing all court ordered competency to proceed evaluations for youth in the state of Maryland, and training the psychiatric and psychological evaluators. She has performed state and federal evaluations with youth and adults for the court, and has testified as an expert witness in New York and Maryland. She has conducted medico-legal evaluations and testified in cases where the accused is charged with serious crimes such as murder or attempted murder, and for individuals as young as 8-years-old. For each evaluation, Dr. Gavett-Liu offers her wide and varied experience, and PsycIME’s high quality reports.