Dr. Puneet Mahajan

Puneet is a scientist by vocation but entrepreneur by profession; kindles the curiosity by asking the most basic but yet neglected questions. Puneet’s  unique blend of medical sciences, business development, analytics and management expertise enables him to see the big picture to provide result-driven efficient business solutions.


Puneet has a B.Sc. (Pharmacy) from India, Ph.D. (Medicine) from Memorial University , Newfoundland. He has various international publications in peer reviewed scientific  journals. His research has provided diagnostic solutions amongst other application(s). Over the years, he has gained expertise in providing the simplest of solutions to complex problems. This pursuit of simplifying the problems led him to the path of entrepreneurship. His compassion to provide the best health outcomes for patients enabled him to develop and run healthcare businesses. Further, his passion for addiction and mental health brought Dr. Sujay Patel and him together to provide unbiased and unparallelled services of psycIME to the patient(s)  across Canada.