About Us

This service was born out of a desire to bring the best mental health clinicians together, to create a comprehensive service where individuals receive seamless and timely evidence-informed medico-legal consultation in an environment of respect, privacy and collaboration.


We represent a team of practicing psychiatrists that conduct comprehensive quality, timely and unbiased Independent Medical Evaluations for independent medical assessment companies who work with insurers, employers and lawyers. We work individually, but conduct case conferences on more complex cases to allow for an added benefit to our referral partners.


Our psychiatrists cover a range of subspecialties that include general psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, old age psychiatry, administrative psychiatry and forensic psychiatry. All our psychiatrists are in active clinical practice.


Our psychiatrists have university faculty appointments and have been involved in teaching, research, medical leadership and/or medical volunteerism.

Our psychiatrists engage in regular continuing medical education focusing on topics that are relevant to conducting independent medical assessments.


Collectively, our psychiatrists have conducted thousands of in person assessments in cities and towns across Canada. We also conduct assessments over virtual platforms.

St. John’s • Halifax • Moncton •  Ottawa • Toronto • Barrie • Sudbury • Hamilton • Burlington • Guelph • Cambridge • Kitchener • Waterloo • London • Windsor • Manitoba • Saskatchewan • Edmonton • Calgary • Vancouver • Nunavut • Yukon • Northwest Territories • Quebec