What to Expect During a Psychiatric Assessment

The following types of questions will be asked during your psychiatric assessment. If you would like to complete and submit this form in advance, you are welcome to do so.

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On the day of the assessment:


  • We suggest you arrive 20 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.
  • Please bring identification to confirm your identity, as well as a list of your current medications.
  • You will be asked to complete an intake form, which is similar to what you will find when you click the button on the left.
  • You will then meet with the psychiatrist and their assistant.
  • You will be provided with an overview of the assessment process, at which point a consent form will be provided to you.
  • Your assessment can take up to two hours.
  • You will then be able to arrange for your own transportation after the assessment.
  • As this is an independent medical evaluation, there is no traditional doctor-patient relationship. You should not expect advice, treatment recommendations or follow-up from the assessing psychiatrist post-assessment.
  • A report will be sent to the referring agency.

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