Independent Medical Evaluations(IME)

Independent Medical Evaluations

What is an Independent Medical Evaluation (IME)?

A Psychiatric Independent Medical Examination, or IME, is a medical assessment conducted by specially trained psychiatrists with the purpose of determining: if an individual is suffering from mental and behavioral diseases that impact daily function; what the cause of the medical condition is; and if the clinical information meets a particular disability test.

IME’s are usually done for independent medical evaluation companies who have a roster of medical experts who they will use when they have referred a case from either an insurer, employer or law firm. Sometimes IME’s are conducted for other reasons such as medical malpractice or tort claims.

PsycIME conducts all types of IME’s.

What is the role of the independent medical expert?

IME’s are to be done by a medical doctor who has not met with the individual being assessed nor will be involved in their future care. This prevents any bias and allows medical experts to be as neutral as possible. Medical experts are bound by a set of legal principals to ensure they are truly providing a neutral expert opinion.

Medical experts are often well trained in their field of specialty but often lack the experience and training to conduct IME’s.

PsycIME has medical doctors who have both experience and training to be independent medical experts.

What is an Independent Psychiatric Evaluation?

An independent psychiatric evaluation is a medical assessment conducted by a psychiatrist to assess for mental and behavioral diseases and impairments. Such an assessment involves gathering information from the individual and others (often through a review of medical records), conducting a mental status examination and then formulating diagnostic and treatment suggestions. Psychiatrists have the benefit of many years of training and seeing many patients in emergency rooms, outpatient clinics and in hospital. Psychiatrists sometimes will involve the help of psychologists or neuropsychologists to conduct specialized testing to help them when formulating their opinion.

PsycIME has psychiatrists who are in active clinical practice and are highly respected in their field. They also pride themselves on being neutral, caring, culturally sensitive and evidence-informed clinicians.

Dr Sujay Patel
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