Psychiatrists vs Psychologists

Psychiatrists Vs. Psychologists

How Are Psychiatrists and Psychologists Similar?


  • Psychiatrists and Psychologist are similar in that they both are trained to be able to provide talk therapy (also known as psychotherapy), and they are both considered mental health experts that can make mental health diagnoses.


How Are Psychiatrists and Psychologists Different?


  • Psychiatrists are medical doctors and have the ability to assess for medical disorders that may be contributing to mental health diagnoses. They can also prescribe and manage medication treatments, as well as neurostimulation treatments.
  • Psychologists have advanced degrees and can conduct specialized psychometric testing, which psychiatrists can use to assist them when diagnoses are not clear.
  • In hospitals, Psychiatrists usually have admitting privileges to care for the sickest mental health patients. In these settings, Psychologists may be part of a multi-disciplinary team under the management of a Psychiatrist. It is generally recommended that the sickest mental health patients be managed by a medical doctor before psychological care commences.
  • In the community, Psychiatrists and Psychologists generally work as independent practitioners.
  • In Canada, the public health care system will cover the cost of a Psychiatrist, while most Psychological care is not covered by Canada’s public health care system.


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Dr Sujay Patel
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